Stella and Dot

My mom and I started selling Stella and  dot. Stella and Dot sells 
Tjewelry, scarves, bags, and accessories. I'm in love with Stella and Dot so far- it's an amazing company and amazing product. I'm a S&D stylist! 

I'm having so much fun selling Stella and dot! I was going to my aunt and uncles office once a week but have still been bored not working. I was feeling restless and worthless and needed something to occupy my time. By being a stylist I'm really busy.. I feel as if I have a purpose again! It has been really great for me. 

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Lilly love

 I am so excited to share about my new baby, my 6 year old chihuahua named Lilly. Lilly is the sweetest dog.  She's my little cuddle bug and follows me everywhere if I leave her any where with my family she follows me. She needs me and I need her. Shes the most calm dog I have ever met, she doesn't bark or chew things, she loves to relax-she's perfect. She carries her huge toy all around the house which makes us all laugh!

Due to my HD I have decided not to have children because I do not want to give my children a sick mother. This choice breaks my heart in pieces because it's all I ever wanted.  Lilly is my baby and puts all of those broken pieces back together with her sweetness. My mom and I have bought her clothes and she's a diva and loves her clothes- she must of gotten that from me. Lilly keeps me company when I am home alone. She gives me a chance to be her mama and she's the love of my life.

I have wanted a dog for awhile but as my mom has said everything happens for a reason and Lilly was meant to be mine.

Thanks for reading,


Kindness of Others

I wanted to share some exciting news today!!
Our friend from Kansas, who I grew up with as my Kansas family, Kurt sent me an email last night saying him and Tony Ramey, the country music recording artist  he works with    wanted to get involved with this years HDSA Convention. Kurt is a very talented song writer and is passionate about music. Music is also very important to me and my journey.

Kurt had a few ideas for the convention. One of his ideas was to have a song he wrote a few years ago, 'Hearing my Song' be compiled in a video with pictures, quotes from my blog, and facts about HD. It would be a video of my trials and tribulations. We could play it at the convention.

The lyrics: 
I gotta be so selfish sure the way I play it even though nothing's really changed 
But I can't let them see the sweat, the tears, and the heartache so I'm learning how to hide the pain

Like a candle flame way out on the ocean it Burns so dim it's like it's not even there 

Can't wait to see their faces when I show them a light I always kept and hid

So excuse me if it seems like I'm lost in a dream. It feels so real so close It's all that I can see. I'm going to fake it until I make it and do every thing I can to stay strong and someday they will be hearing my song hearing my song

Well there's times I admit its hard not to get discouraged and sometimes the fight takes the fight right out of me.  But I know the scars I get along the journey they wil remind me ain't nothing In life Is free.

Someday just know that someday they wil be singing my song

 It's the perfect song for me. He really gets my struggle.   I have hope and faith that my awarness and advocacy  will lead to better treatments and a cure. I won't stop fighting untill everyone is singing my song. That last lyric is my favorite. If you would like to hear his song click the contact me button and send me an email  and I can email it to you.

Another idea of hisq would to write another song based on the new HDSA motto family is everything and have Tony perform it at the convention.
I am in love with this idea and the new motto because family really IS everything. Kurt proved that family isn't always blood it's the ones who support you through everything.

Kurt is in touch with the HDSA to receive permission to do his ideas, but even if he can't perform it or show the video, he's still going to write it for awareness. I think these are amazing ideas for awareness. 

This couldn't have come at a better time - I was beginning to 
wonder if people still love me despite HD,  if people knew how to deal with it, and if people knew how much I really struggle and fight. Kurts email demolished all of my negative thoughts becuase he truly comprehends it. My faith has been restored in my family and friends with one email. Thank you Kurt, Tony, and Marozas family. 

Family is everything,


Why being an advocate of HD is important

Good afternoon readers,

Today I am going to share a little about why being an HD advocate and sharing my story with the world is so important to me.

I have hope and believe in a cure of Huntingtons Disease. In order to find better treatments and a cure there needs to be more awareness and money raised. At the HDSA convention it was said that HD is not a rare disease but a rarley know disease.

Another reason why it was so important for me to begin my blog in the beginning every where I went I felt like the elephant in the room, constantly trying to figure out who knew and didn't know. I had the fears of what people think of me.  I was a 23 year old, showing signs of an abnormal disease at a very young age for HD. By starting my blog and sharing my story with the world all those thought went out the window.

I refuse to let this disease get the best of me. Being an advocate takes all my frustrations, angers, and fears about HD and turns it into a positive light. I will not stop until there is a  cure.

I love advocating for all of those people who lost their life, who are too sick with HD to be an advocate- especially my Dad and family.

Did I ever think that my sisters idea for me to start a blog would come to this, having someone write an article about my HD journey, and having people I don't even know around the world read my blog?? Not once - to me I'm just a normal person who has become an advocate for a rarely disease.

If you have been inspired by my story and wonder what you can do-tell someone about HD, share my blog, donate to the HDSA, or complete the HD pie in the face challenge and challenge your friend.

Continuing to live fearlessly,